Jose Oquendo

Associate Social Worker

Jose Oquendo, ASW

I believe that everyone needs someone, sometimes to help them navigate the slew of life’s challenges. I am passionate about helping people dictate the narrative of their lives and shaping society to become more compassionate and equitable. I have earned a Master of Social Work Degree at University of Southern California (USC), a Master of Theology Degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, and have been actively working with people and amongst diverse communities the past 20 years. As an associate clinical therapist I have experience working with a range of mental health disorders and life challenges, including marriage, trauma, abuse, sexually problematic behaviors, depression, anxiety and helping people unpack and process their racial/cultural, identity and religious experiences and injustices. Empathy and compassion are central to my life and work. I am devoted to learning about who you are and how I can help in your healing and life journey.

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