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LMFT - Licensed marriage family therapist

Desiree became licensed as a marriage and family therapist in 2018. She received her master’s in counseling from CSU Fullerton. Areas of specialty include treating depression, anxiety, and OCD. She uses a multi-modal approach to therapy. 

LCSW - Licensed clinical social worker

Is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She graduated from Loma Linda University in 2019 with her master’s in social work. She enjoys working with all walks of life.

Christina comes from a diverse background of services including medical social work, transplant support and adolescent group work. In her free time she loves trying out new recipes, savory or sweet, and spending time with her family.

LCSW - Licensed clinical social worker

I obtained my Master of Social Work Degree at California State University, San Bernardino in 2016 and have been serving the community for the past 7 years. I have provided therapeutic and case management services to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

I am passionate about the field of mental health and always eager to learn and grow as a clinician. I enjoy assisting in the healing of traumatic events, gaining insight and self-awareness, increasing healthy communication and coping skills to manage life stressors, and instilling hope for the future. I hope that you will find comfort in sharing your story with me, and allowing me to be a part of your journey of transformation and healing.

LCSW - Licensed clinical social worker
I believe you are the expert on your life. Everyone feels stuck sometimes, and I am here to partner with you and help you on your journey. I am warm, compassionate and believe that change, growth and healing are all within your reach.
I have been a licensed clinical social worker since 2008. My experience includes working with children, teens, adults, families and foster youth. My passion is working with the LGBTQ+ community, and those looking to evolve into the most authentic, beautiful version of themselves. I use a multimodal approach to therapy, including CBT, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, play therapy and more.
lmft - licensed marriage family therapist

My name is Lucille Crowder, and I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, and, a Graduate of Cal State University San Bernardino. I earned my Master’s Degree in Psychology – Clinical Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage Family Therapy in 2016. I am also a Licensed Advanced Alcohol/Drug Counselor and specialize in the treatment of addiction and mental health. My focus is on helping individuals cope with life stressors by utilizing their strengths, motivating clients, and empowering individuals to accomplish their full potential and by accomplishing their goals. 

In addition, I have worked with multiple populations including children, adolescents, and young adults as well as adults. I utilize multiple approaches to treatment such as strengths based, client-centered, CBT, DBT, MI, REBT, Solution Focused and psychodynamic to name a few.  I have a vast range of experience in Crisis, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient and Residential treatment settings. I have a very caring, compassionate, and empathetic style that clients easily relate to, and, I believe that ongoing support and encouragement are necessary for healing and recovery. My purpose in life is to help other’s along their journey, no matter what the issue.

lmft - licensed marriage family therapist
I love being a therapist! I am continually impressed by the resilience of people and I feel truly privileged to walk alongside during their journey of personal growth. Everyday I am in awe of the deep and profound change that can happen when people take the time to examine their lives wholeheartedly.
I have been practicing for 15 years and am fully licensed in the states of CA & AZ. My clinical areas of expertise are Trauma, ADHD, LGBTQ+ issues (kink & poly lifestyle affirming), Greif, Addiction, and Veterans. While I have done family and marital counseling in the past; I currently only provide individual therapy for teens and adults.
I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from California State University of San Bernardino. I earned a Masters in Marital and Family Counseling from Loma Linda University. I also hold an earned certification in Addiction Counseling from Loma Linda University.
I am the mother of a young child and have been happily married for 10 years. On my off days I enjoy hiking, cooking, and spending time with my friends and family. I love to learn new things and I hope to learn how to grow/keep a veggie garden and chickens one day.

Dr. Glenn


Dr. Glenn is a board-certified Psychiatrist who treats children, adolescents, and adults struggling with mood and anxiety disorders. He has been practicing in the Charleston, SC area for the last 10 years.

Dr. Glenn has more recently expanded his practice to multiple other states including California via Telehealth. He attended the Medical University of South Carolina for medical school and psychiatric residency training. In his spare time, he like to go kayaking or find the best new TV show to watch.

Shanna James

Licensed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

am a Board Certified Licensed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from West Coast University and shortly after completed my Master’s of Science in Nursing/Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degree from Walden University.

I have been working in the Mental Health Nursing with a specialty in Pediatric Psychiatry. I have experience working across the lifespan from populations of Child/Adolescent, Adults, Geriatrics, and Chemical Dependency. I have a passion for serving those who need mental health services such as Mental Health Assessments, providing appropriate psychiatric diagnoses, providing therapy, developing treatment plans with a multidisciplinary team, and medication management.


Jessica holds a Master of Science in Nursing and is a Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  She is passionate about increasing access and providing high-quality mental health care to patients across the life span who are presenting with diverse mental health disorders. She believes in following evidence-based guidelines blended with providing patient-centered, holistic care.


Wendy believes that unexpected and sometimes unwanted situations in life can bring positive change and new beginnings. In 2014, Wendy enrolled at Crafton Hills College and transferred to California State University San Bernardino earning her BASW in 2018 and MSW in 2020.

She started her career in social work at Riverside County working with children and families. Wendy’s goal was always to become a LCSW and is excited to pursue that with C & C Center for Healing. Wendy has experience with addiction, codependency, eating disorders, and grief. Wendy is an ally for the LGBTQ+ community and voice for acceptance, inclusion, and rights for folks in that community she holds dear. Holding true to her personal and social work values, she believes in self-determination and that each person is an expert in their own life. Wendy is a strengths-based therapist and enjoys helping people recognize and use their strengths in attaining their goals. You may see her walking in the neighborhood between sessions and she looks forward to welcoming a therapy dog into her life in the future.


I am a professional clinical counselor with a passion for helping clients meet their therapeutic goals. I have worked with a wide range of diverse individuals which has enabled me to become more understanding of various backgrounds, cultures and their dynamics.

I currently hold a masters degree in professional clinical counseling with an emphasis on child and adolescent disorders. Prior to my counseling career, I have experience working with children, teachers, and families at various capacities for 13+ years. I specialize in working with children, adolescents, families, and couples and I am continuing to extend my specialties by attending trainings in additional categories. I currently offer individual therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy for either in-person or telehealth sessions.
ASW - Associate clinical social worker

I believe that everyone needs someone, sometimes to help them navigate the slew of life’s challenges. I am passionate about helping people dictate the narrative of their lives and shaping society to become more compassionate and equitable.

I have earned a Master of Social Work Degree at University of Southern California (USC), a Master of Theology Degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, and have been actively working with people and amongst diverse communities the past 20 years. As an associate clinical therapist I have experience working with a range of mental health disorders and life challenges, including marriage, trauma, abuse, sexually problematic behaviors, depression, anxiety and helping people unpack and process their racial/cultural, identity and religious experiences and injustices. Empathy and compassion are central to my life and work. I am devoted to learning about who you are and how I can help in your healing and life journey.

AMFT - Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us. Many are emerging from very unhealthy relationships with themselves or others and often seek complete rewiring of their relationship patterns.

It brings me pure joy to help those who are hurting begin toreclaim themselves as whole beings, where their capacity to co-create and experience transformation becomes expansive and limitless. After a traumatic event, living with a mental illness, or working through dark times, a person often feels helpless, lost and detached from their truepersonality. I am committed to a collaborative approach where I meet my clients where they are at and together we go to a depth beyond the surface. I am here not only as the emotional support you will need but am also here to coach you through each phase. With warmth andcompassion, I help create a space where I not only help my clients feel heard and validated, but also work towards the goal of finding healthy and effective solutions.

As a veteran of the United States Army who served as a Military Police Officer, I developed resilience and a deep appreciation for the human experience. My experience here and as a mental health clinician has equipped me with valuable insights into the complexities of trauma,unhealed wounds, and broken relationships, which can contribute to silent pain and profound struggles. My journey has fueled my commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who feel alone, unheard, invalidated, tired, depressed, disconnected, and anxious. I believe that everyone deserves a safe space to explore their thoughts and emotions without judgment.

AMFT - Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Dealing with life comes with so many different struggles. Do you find yourself wrapped in worry with thoughts that just won’t rest? Unable to communicate when it comes to your relationships? Trauma, low-self-esteem, and so much more can make it hard to live a fun and fulfilling life.

I would love to help you take control of your life back. I enjoy working with individuals that seek to better handle their emotions, process trauma, use coping skills to help with anxiety, and grow in self-love. I also enjoy working with couples that include both traditional and non-traditional relationships with issues that come up when in the partnership.

As a woman who understands first-hand how difficult it can be to grow in a world that does not always give you the opportunities to succeed, I have learned how to use the tough lessons of life to help others in my practice. Using CBT and a person-centered approach, we will go on a journey of self-healing together. I can’t wait to get to know you!


Certified therapy assist dog

Lola is a certified therapy assist dog at C&C Center for Healing. Prior to working at C&C Center for Healing, Lola assisted children in Riverside County by offering emotional support as they worked through their trauma. Lola is 5 years old and enjoys coming in to greet clients and eating snacks. 

Administration Team

Vincent Mendez

Psychiatric Service manager
Vincent Mendez is our Psychiatric Service Manager that oversees the psychiatric program at C&C Center for Healing. He is a Inland Empire native who enjoys time with his family, snow boarding and cars. Vincent has a passion for helping others and ensures members receive quality care. He is known for his compassion and his ability to advocate for members for needed services and community resources.
Vincent is mindful and utilizes an empathetic approach when working with members. He recognizes that members all have their own story to tell and strives to provide the support and appropriate care with linking members to our Psych Nurse Practitioners, that will be fit the needs of the member. Anyone that comes in contact with Vincent will experience his strong work ethic that encompasses quality care, customer service and attentiveness.
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